Cómo Dejar de Fumar

If you want to quit smoking, you can’t just throw your cigarettes in the trash and hope for the best. You need a plan to be successful. That’s where EX comes in. EX is designed to help you re-learn your life without cigarettes before you actually stop smoking. We’ll get you ready for your quit date, so you’ll know what you’ll be facing and how to beat it.

1 – Re-Learn Habit

If you’re like most smokers, certain things make you want to light up. Maybe it’s your morning coffee or the long drive to work. Whatever it is, we’ll help you break the glue between your triggers and your cigarettes.

2 – Re-Learn Addiction

Most smokers know that nicotine is addictive. No big secret there. But most people don’t realize just how powerful nicotine really is. So EX shows you what you’re up against and how you can DOUBLE your chances of quitting for good.

3 – Re-Learn Habit

The odds of becoming an ex-smoker go way up when you have support. So we help you understand the best way to involve the people around you, even if you just want them to give you a little space.

When you’ve got these three things down, you’ll be ready become an EX. All right, let’s get things started by setting your quit date.

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